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Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

how teach your teen earn money

Some teen are qualified to earn money. They also will learn how to manage their income. Teaching them to earn their own money, how to spend it, and how to save it is a precious lecture without a doubt.

Adults today are overwhelmed, and they all need a little extra aid to get through the day. This can mean great earning potential for a newly licensed teen. If you have a teenager that is newly licensed, you will find that the sooner you assist them in finding work, the easier it will be on your pocket.

Suggest ideas with your teen to find creative ways to earn money. This will save you money, but also avoid some potentially stressful situation. Parents of teens everywhere know how stressful it is when dealing with teens and finances.

A great idea for a newly licensed teen is to have them deliver lunch to local businesses.

Working for Someone Else

Your teen should begin by preparing a resume. A resume does not necessarily have to show prior job experience. It could be something as simple as a letter showing that they are well-rounded individuals. If it shows that they have done community service and helped others, or even just have good grades, this will speak volumes to potential employers.

Have your teen prepare the letter and make copies. Then, have them go to local businesses and tell them they would like to meet and greet with the owners. Once your teen delivers the letter and lets the owner know they are hardworking, responsible, and looking to earn some money, there is a good chance that those business owners will hire them.

Working for Themselves

If your teen like to cook or bake, take some time and look into the rules and regulations of your state to see what is entailed in having them own and operate a small catering business from home. It does not have to be anything fancy. If your teen is proficient at baking, perhaps some muffins and small breakfast items would be a good start.

Check and see what licenses are necessary, as well as what type of car insurance they would need. Look into it carefully. Who knows, at the end of the day, it just may be well worth it.

Regardless of whether or not your teen decides to work for themselves or work for someone else, delivering lunch to busy adults is a great way to earn extra cash. If people are having their lunch delivered, it saves them time, which can equate too many positive things for those busy adults. They can then go ahead and make a few phone calls or just relax for a few minutes during lunch.

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