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Senin, 24 Juni 2013

earn additional income from internet for teachers

Teachers have opportunity to make money online. This opportunity if free. Teachers are busy with their students at school but by spending one or two hours a day they can get additional income from internet.

There is also opportunity to make online store for free. Do you have some good products? Why don’t you sell them online. In the site, you can list your best products. When your store are approved thousands members will be connected with your store.

The question is how to make my store online? It is easy. Just sign up. You will redirect to member area. When you have signed up you must sign up with your current account.

Click banner that show sell your stuff online, and follow the instruction, you are ready to make your online store. Your commission is calculated in your sfi affiliate scoreboard. Don’t worry you will have a mentor in the site. You are not alone. There is massage board that when you join the site. Your mentor will teach you how to start the business.

You must have to achieve 1500 versa points to be EA. It is easy. Go to VP ledger and click the VP offers. Reviewing lauchpad will earn 15 VP for each page. Click the V symbol on the right corner of the pad you will be scored 15 VP. Want to try click these banner.
 sign up here first


sign up with the above ID number or email that you have signed up !



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  1. A really helpful article. Thank you for this blog.I will be referring a lot of friends about this for easy earning money. Buy Youtube Comments


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