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Senin, 27 Mei 2013

short drama script -knight of kitchen ware

Scene 1

Narator : One day Miko talked to his Mom       
               and Dad. Miko was a third grade
               student. He passed the final test
               and went up the fourth grade.
Miko : Can I have a sword for my success
          of entering the fourth grade, please?.
Mother : “No!” That’s too dangerous.”
Miko     : “Can I have some armor?”
Father  : “No!” it is worth nothing for you.
Miko     : “No! No! No!” (Miko was sad).
                 Knights have armour.
                 I have no armour.
Narator  : Miko went to the kitchen. He took   
                a small pan from the kitchen.
                He put it on his head.
                He took a ladle. It is like a sword.
                He found some spoons and tied                
                them to his belt. They are like knives.
                He wrapped his hands and legs                                    
                with brown paper. He found a
                metal tray. It was his shield. He
                looked in the mirror.
                He looked like a knight!
 Miko  : “Now I can be as brave as a
He marched smartly out of the  house.
Clang! Jangle! Jangle! Clang!
Miko  “Go away, wolves!”
Miko  banged on his shield.
The dogs ran away.
 Miko marched proudly along
 the road.
Clang! Jangle! Jangle! Clang!
Miko : “Giant, Giant, come and
           Fight me.You’ll never frighten this         
           brave knight!”
Uncle Jack: Hi ,Miko. Are you going to theater?
Miko : No, I am not,
Uncle Jack : Where are you going then?
Miko   : I am going to drive away a rude giant.
Sam : No, giant is here, Miko, Do you dream of a princess too?
Miko ; No, I am not, I am going to drive away a rude giant.
Sam : What’ a day Miko. No giant today. You’d better play baseball with us!
Hans : yes, let’s play baseball and have fun instead of wearing your mom’s  
           kitchen ware!
Miko : Ohhh, thank you but I am going to drive away a rude giant.
Hans : Miko, that’s your mom is looking for the pan, she ins going to make
          a soup.
Sam, Hans and  uncle Jack laughed:  ha-ha-ha-

Scene 2

Narator  : Ringgo was a big and fat boy. He loved eating a lot.

Lily is a cute girl she and her friends were going to a food stall. They wanted to buy some bread.

The baker : What can I do for you, cute girls
Lily : I want a bread with peanut butter.
The baker ; sure, how many breads do you want?
Lily : Just one, please!
Amy : A bread with chocolate is enough.
The baker : here is a bread with chocolate and  a bread with peanut butter.
Amy and Lily : Thank you
The baker : you are welcome
Lily : Amy, how about going to the park and play?
Amy : that’s a good idea, let’s go!

They went to the park and play. Suddenly Ringgo came to the park.
Ringgo : ha-ha-ha- Give me your burgers ! I am hungry.  Give me your
Lily : No, You always ask our meal. This time I won’t give you.
Amy : go and don’t disturb us Ringgo!
Ringgo : ha ha ha I won’t go if you don’t give me your burgers.
Ringgo : ( he tried to grab Amy and Lily’s burger but he failed)
              Give me your bread! I am hungry. Ha ha ha !

Amy and Lily : Run………………….

Scene 3

Amy  : Help me , help me
Lily : there is a giant
Hans : Do you hear ones asking for a help, Sam?
Sam : yes, let’s go and see!
Lily : Hans, Sam help us!
Amy : Ringgo is going to take our bread
Sam : please, stay calm, we are going to help you.
Ringgo : ha-ha-ha, I want bread. I am hungry.
Sam : go away and don’t disturb our friends or We’ll fight you!
Ringgo ; I won’t go if I don’t get the bread.
Hans : Go !
Ringgo : ha-ha-ha. You should buy me more bread because you fight  
Sam and Hans fought  Ringgo but they lost because Ringgo is too strong. At the time there came Miko.

Miko : I am going to drive away a rude giant. Hi, You, an ugly giant ! fight 
           me if you are strong!
Ringgo ; Ha-ha-ha I you should give me more bread .

There was a fight between Ringgo and Miko. Miko with his kitchen ware was too strong and Ringgo ran away.

Lily and Amy : Yeah, Miko is great, Miko the knight
Hans : hemm , I think Miko has found his princess.
Sam : I think so.
Mother : Miko, come here Miko!
Miko : yes, Mom
Mother : put all those wares back in the kitchen! I am going to cook some
Miko : yes, mom ( Miko loosened all his kitchen wares he was wearing).
Father : Miko, can you help me?
Miko : Sure, Dad, what can I do for you?
Father : help me in the garden, please!
Miko : OK Dad!
Uncle jack : Hi, Miko, I think you loose your princess !
Lily and Amy ; Bye Miko ………………….!
Hans and Sam : The knight of kitchen ware is over , ha-ha-ha-ha…………..

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