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Selasa, 16 April 2013

english idiom and meaning tell

Here are some idioms using the word tell
1.      You can tell the time
2.      Will you tell the story about the story of Harry potter?
3.      The headmaster told me to finish the project.
4.      Jane told us a very attractive tale.
5.      Don’t tell a lie! You should tell the truth.
6.      I can’t tell you how happy I am to meet you. ( can’t express).
7.      I can tell what he is like by seeing her face. ( understand).
8.      He is an athlete. His muscled body tells his own tale. (explain itself).
9.      It’s difficult to tell how the thief was done. ( discover).
10.  Jane and Jenny are twins. I can’t tell the one from the other. ( distinguish).
11.  His effort that he did last year is beginning to tell now. ( has its effect).
12.  The designer has created a most telling use of color. ( effective).
13.  There were fifty of us in the classroom all told. ( counting everyone).
14.  The hard life in Jack’s childhood told on him in later life. ( affected him for the worse).

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