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Rabu, 17 April 2013

english idiom and meaning say

Here are some idioms with the word say. I wrote English idiom with the word bring too.

1. What you say is a hard blow to me. ( = your opinion).

2. How much do you want for an old car? Let’s say $10000 ( sugest).

3. What do you say to a coffee? ( come and have coffee).

4. They say there will be some cut for next salary. ( there is a vague report).

5. Jane goes without saying. ( no need to tell anything).

6. I say, have you read the report? ( have no meaning, the I say is an exclamation to attract attention).

7. Well Niko has said his say. ( given opinion).

8. I would tell my Robert that I want to resign this month but when I met him, I had no say in the matter. ( no power to speak).

9. There is an old saying” No one is perfect”. (a wise word).

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