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Sabtu, 13 April 2013

english idiom and meaning make

Make is very popular word. There are many idioms with this word. Here are some of them.

1. Who has made the mistake?

2. The old woman has to work hard to make a living. ( earn a living).

3. Fanny will make an excellent secretary because her beauty and smartness. ( be good).

4. When do you make it? ( say it).

5. This test makes me look stupid.

6. Never make a fool of yourself! ( make embarrassed).

7. Who makes a mess of my bedroom. ( make dirty).

8. Sinta can’t make out what her boy friend is saying. ( doesn’t understand).

9. You have made a great speech in the farewell party. ( good speech).

10. A bottle of Korean Soju has made the man drunk. ( has caused).

11. This is a home made bag. ( small industry bag).

12. Don’t make a joke!

13. I make a lot of money from online business. ( succeed).

14. My wife makes a fortune from her business too. ( succeed).

15. Never make enemies but make friends!

16. I have tried to make Nina understand but I fail.

17. John is a good organizer so his boss makes him the supervisor. ( promote him).

18. Make haste or we’ll be late ( proverb) (hurry up).

19. Jim’s speaking always makes me laugh.

20. I’ll make it my business to finish the project. ( busy).

21. Make sure you come to my party!

22. My teacher can’t make out my handwriting. ( can’t read, can’t understand).

23. This story is not true, someone has made it up. ( written, invented).

24. Look! The girl has too much make up on her face.

25. This paper will soon make the fire burn.

26. I don’t know what to make of this proposal. ( what to undesrstand).

27. Let’s make him a present before he goes to USA!. ( give)

28. My Uncle is a self-made man. He is a successful businessman. (has become successful without formal education).

29. Let’s make ourselves useful. ( be beneficial).

30. Have you made up your mind which T-shirt you want to buy? ( decided).

31. Don’t worry, we are going to make a point of seeing your mom when you are out. ( take special care).

32. You should make do with your old dress. (content yourself).

33. Make the hay while the sun shines ( proverb) ( catch opportunity while you can).

34. One swallow doesn’t make a summer. (proverb) ( don’t think because you pass a difficulty , that all your problems are gone).

35. You have made your bed you must lay in it. (proverb). ( you must accept the result of your own deed).

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