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Sabtu, 13 April 2013

english idiom and meaning do

There are many idioms using word do. Here are some of them.

1. You must do your best.

2. You can take this herb, it won’t do you any harm, in fact it will do you good.

3. You can use my car. I have done with it. ( no longer need it).

4. Harris always does a good turn to anyone if he can. ( help).

5. This steak is under done (not cooked), in fact I prefer well it well done. (cooked).

6. When you visit France, you can do the Eiffel Tower. ( look at all the things).

7. If you paid $20 for this old bike, you would be done. ( be cheated).

8. What does your motorcycle do to the mountainous area? ( travel).

9. Come on, you should be up and doing! ( active , energetic).

10. Mr. X is not an honest man. You shouldn’t have anything to do with him. ( any dealing).

11. I don’t have anything to do with the problem. ( no concern).

12. Your work is too slow. You won’t do. ( won’t succeed).

13. It doesn’t do to abandon schoolwork. (it’s a bad thing).

14. I am doing very well in this business. ( succeeding).

15. I am done up ( tired) after riding for two hours without stopping, now I could do with a water and meal. ( should have).

16. Help your self! But I have not much food, could you do with bread and jam! ( enough with).

17. It is easier said than done. (proverb).

18. You can’t wear your old shirt, it is actually done for. ( worn out).

19. What do you think? Is it good for you? What you have done to me?

20. I am very apologetic , nothing doing, Do you want to borrow my car?. ( I am not going to help).

21. Well begun is a half done. (proverb). ( good start is a half of success).

22. Do to others as you would have them do to you. ( proverb). ( we treat other as they treat us).

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