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Senin, 29 April 2013

English idiom and meaning bring

Here some English idiom with the word bring.

1. What brought you there yesterday? ( Why did you come there?).

2. The statement brought him guilt home to him. ( made him realize it).

3. His business brings him recognition and riches. ( made him).

4. The sight of the view brings back the wonderful days in his hometown. ( reminds)

5. Tom gave a speech at the ceremony and brought the house down.( marvelous applause).

6. The Judge brought in a verdict of guilty to the man. ( gave).

7. Her health problem was brought on by little sanitation. (caused by).

8. The editor of the new woman magazine is going to bring out a new edition for middle age women. ( publish).

9. The man fainted but the rescuer soon brought him round.( made him recover from unconsciousness).

10. Ann was brought up to be a great woman. ( educated, trained).

11. The robbery was brought to trial in the Supreme Court. ( was taken).

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