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Senin, 04 Maret 2013

short free english drama script for children

this drama script is adapted from the great homework land rescue caper written by Arden Davidson ( . This English drama script is free and short. It is good for children. You can edit and modify the dialogue in each scene.

homework land
homework land

Scene 1
Narrator: There is a terrible land where anyone who is captured will not enjoy the life at all. All
                   prisoners in the land look sad and bored.  Everyone should study from morning till  
                   night. They need ones who can help them escape. The terrible land is homework
The teacher: ( she/ he brings a pile of books and put them in front of the prisoners)        
                        These are your today’s homework. You all should finish before noon. If not, you
                          wil get punishment. Do you understand!
All prisoners : yes, sir/ Mam
The teacher : All right, I ‘ll go out and will be back few hours later. Do your homework and don’t
                       go anywhere! ( the teacher leaves the prisoners)
Prisoner 1 : No time to go skating, no time to fly kite, no time to eat candies. No time to take a
                    nap. That’s terrible life.
Prisoner 2 : No time for watching TV. no time for video games. no time for building a tree
                     house. that's the worst day in my life.
Prisoner 3 : Mathematics, science, English and History are our meals everyday. No time to eat
                     ice cream. No time to drink chocolate shake, no time to enjoy candies. Book 1, book
                    2, and book 3 are our breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Prisoner 4 : Listen, to me! Don’t worry; a group of brave boys will release us from here. The
                    homework land will come to end. We will never do homework again.
All prisoners : yeah, we will get out and play ……!
Scene 2
The rescue capers introduce themselves! They get on the stage with their own style. Captain Jack and Captain Cook hold a gun. They sneak the stage. Friday chopper and the Pirate of Caribbean Sea come slowly with their pride.
1.      Hi , I am captain Jack.
I should help all the prisoners escape.
I’ll free them and take them to better world.
drama performance homework land
drama performance (homework land)

2.      Hello, My name’s Friday chopper.
I’ll burn all papers. I’ll chop tables into firewood.
 And clean all the boards.

3.      Hi, I’m the pirate of Caribbean sea.
I’ll take them sail over the seas so all of them will enjoy the wind of the sea.
I’ll take them to my secret island of paradise, With beautiful beaches and green trees.

4.      I’m captain cook.
Let’s free our friends!
Let’s take them to the world of fun.
Let’s destroy the homework land.
And the land will be no longer exist.

1.      Captain Jack “ is every one ready?”
All rescue capers “ Yes.”
Captain Jack “ Let’s raid the homework land”
All rescue capers “ let’s free our friends! “

All the rescue capers attack the homework land with their weapons. The sound of bullets are dashing and breaking the silent.
Captain jack lead the raid, Captain cook free the prisoners, Friday chopper destroy all the homework land properties and the Pirate of the Caribbean Sea take all the worth things in the land with a sack. The scene is about two minutes. 

At the end of the scene, the rescue capers push down the homework land tower as a symbol of victory then they and the prisoners sing together.

Captain Jack : Now, we are free from homework land, let’s play and have fun!
All prisoners and rescue capers : yeah, let’s go to the wonderland! Yeah

Teacher came confidently with new homework in the hand and said” Oh, My home work land, Who destroy my home work land? , you are now gone “. Then she fainted.

Narrator : that’s the end of the home work land. The land now has ended. Good bye home work land!”

All students get on the stage “ Good bye homework land! “ Thank you”

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