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Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

short drama script in english for children

Short drama script in English for children. This drama script is adapted from Hansel and Gretel story. I have performed this drama with my students in a competition and my students won the third winner.  There are five characters in the drama. They are Hansel, Gretel, The woodcutter, the stepmother, and the witch.
Narrator “   Hard by a great forest dwelt a poor wood cutter with his wife and his two children.  The wife was the stepmother of the children. The boy was called Hansel and the girl was named Gretel. When a great dearth fell on the land, the woodcutter could no longer buy anything even daily meal. One night the woodcutter made a conversation with his wife. “
The woodcutter “What is to become of us? How are we to feed our poor children, when we no                           longer have anything to eat? “
The stepmother “ My husband, early tomorrow morning, we will take out the children into the forest and we shall be rid of them”
The woodcutter “ No, I won’t do that”
The stepmother “ you, fool” we must all die of hunger to share our bread with them” we shall do that tomorrow”
Hansel” Quiet, Gretel, Do not distress yourself, the God will help us, go to sleep”
Narrator “ Hansel and Gretel was listening while their father and mother were making conversation”
Narrator “ Early in the morning their step mother came and took them out of their bed. She gave two pieces of bread.”
The stepmother “ Let’s go to the forest!”
On the way, Hansel always looked around. His father asked.
The woodcutter” Why do you stop and look around!”
Hansel “ I’m looking at my little pigeon”
The stepmother “ Fool! That’s not your pigeon, that’s the sun”
Deep in the forest they stopped.
The woodcutter “ Stay here, don’t go anywhere, we are looking for some wood”
After that their father and mother disappeared. Hansel and Gretel were left in the middle of the forest.
Gretel “ Where are our father and mother? Why are they so long?”
Hansel “ They are leaving us, they will not come back”
Gretel “ What are we doing now?, I am scared”
Hansel “ Let’s find a way home”
Narrator “ Hansel and Gretel walked to find a way home, instead of getting the way home, they came deeper in the forest,  it was dark in the evening when they saw a little house”
Hansel “ Look! There is a house”
Gretel “ yes, it is”
Hansel and Gretel knocked at the door” Anybody home?”
The old woman( witch) “ eh, eh, eh, Who’s there? Ohh you children, no harm happen to you, do come in!” eat this food to fill up your hunger, and rest here”
Hansel and Gretel ate the food” Thank , grand ma”
The witch came out the house and laughed with malice” ha-ha-ha-ha”
Little moment later, the witch hypnotized Hansel and took him to Fire. Fortunately, Gretel woke up, she followed The witch and Hansel.
Gretel “ Don’t harm my brother!”
She run and pushed the witch into the fire. The witch was crumbled and burnt.
The witch “ Oh, no, no,no ahhhhh” she cried in pain.
Gretel” Hansel! Take those pieces of jewels and pearls!”
Hansel “ Alright, Hurry up, hurry up”
Hansel and Gretel took those pearls and jewels and ran as fast as they could. They did not realize they were in front of their house.
The woodcutter” Hansel , Gretel, My dears. I miss both of you”
Hansel and Gretel grabbed their father tightly.
Gretel “ father, these jewels are for you, don’t tell our mother”
The woodcutter” your mother has left me, so don’t worry about that, thanks God , You have saved my children”

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