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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

english idiom and meaning heart

English idiom and meaning heart

1. Mr. Andrew is not a person who wears his heart on his sleeve( shows his emotion plainly).

2. He looked angry but his heart is in the right place. ( has true, kind feeling, in well intentioned).

Or he has a heart of gold.

3. When I was alone at midnight my heart went into my mouth. ( afraid).

4. Thinking about the final test tomorrow, my heart goes into my boots. ( feel despair, depression).

5. Do you know what your girlfriend thinks in her heart of hearts? ( depth in her soul).

6. Rian is a great man. His heart and soul is in the effort. ( completely, totally).

7. Don’t criticize the headmaster too much too heart. ( feel too strongly) .

8. The news of loosing the game almost broke the coach heart.

9. I am not sure how she could find it in her heart to do such a stupid thing. ( was able).

10. We had a heart-to-heart conversation with the chief. ( serious, open)

11. Even though I loose the match, I am not downhearted. ( feel sad deeply).

12. If you have finished your meal, you can play out to your heart’s content. ( as much as you want).

13. I am wholeheartedly doing this work so I enjoy it even though the work is too hard. ( working as good as I can)

14. Tim decides to set his heart on being a pilot. ( make it his greatest wish).

15. She learned the drama script by heart. ( by memory) .

16. My family lives in the heart of the city. (in the center) .

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