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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

english idiom and meaning hand

Here are some idiomatic English and meaning from the word hand.

1. The furniture is hand-made.

2. The disaster caused many people lived from hand to mouth. ( in great poverty, unable to save anything)

3. The mountain is close at hand ( near).

4. The worker assured to put my job in hand at once. ( attend to it, finish it)

5. “ Put your hands up!” The criminal pointed his gun to the woman.

6. The architect and the developer worked hand-in-glove to build new housing in the city. ( in agreement).

7. The woman waits on her father’s hand and foot. ( follow her father wants).

8. I couldn’t lay hands on my math book. ( couldn’t find it).

9. Mr. Robert is always busy. He has his hands full. ( is very fully occupied).

10. I used to play badminton but now I am very busy, I should play it sometimes just to keep my hand in. ( for practice)

11. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush ( proverb).

12. I don’t like buying a second hand watch.

13. Hands are needed in the project; you should apply for the job there. ( workers).

14. The leader has iron hand in the velvet glove. ( hardness under pleasing manner). Many hands make light work. ( Proverb)

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