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Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

how to choose a good nanny to take care of your children

A nanny is not only a babysitter. She has more responsibilities. She should have much knowledge about childcare, physiology, and education. Some parents may think about the salary of a nanny. A professional nanny is usually highly paid. She takes care of your child for 24 hours so it is not surprising that she earns high salary. When you leave your child at home with a trusted person, you will feel safe and secure. Here are some tips how to choose the best nanny to take care of your children.

1. The nanny should have a certificate.

It is very important because you assign responsibilities to someone that you know not much before. You will feel comfortable when you read the future nanny Curriculum vitae. Does she have a certificate? If yes, that is good. This is one reason to hire her. Her certificate shows professionalism because she must have got training from trusted institution before.

2. The nanny should be free from criminal records.

Don you want your child kidnapped? I don’t think so. Selecting a nanny who is free from criminal records is necessary. You will feel safe when your child was taken care of by one who has no unlawful actions. Kidnapping child is a crime that often occurs in a big city.

3. The nanny should have nice and clean appearance.

If you want to know someone’s personality, you just examine her appearance, dressing and hair style. A nanny who shows cleanness and friendly looking is recommended to take care of your children.

4. The nanny should have good personality.

How do you know the personality of the nanny? You can ask to the institution, which issued the certificate. You can also need recommendation from your friends or neighbors. Before you hire a nanny, you should arrange an interview with her. You can assess her personality by asking few questions. At the first time of the meeting, you can examine if you want to hire or not.

5. The nanny should have these qualities.

There are some qualities of a good nanny. The nanny should have a commitment to childcare. You have to think about her age. There are some nannies who have specific skills and interests. You can hire a nanny who can teach foreign language to your children. This specific skill is a plus point.

These are general qualifications that a nanny should have. A nanny has basic skill of childcare, can play games, is an honest person, is discipline, is patient, and has good personality.

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