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Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

short biography of Bill Gates

This is short biography of Bill Gates.Bill gates has two sisters. They are Libby and Kristianne. His father is William Henry Gates, Sr. and his mother is Marry Maxwell. Marry was a teacher. She enjoyed working with children. She often took Gates to work in schools and community services. Gates was very close to his mother. Gates has two children. He married Melinda French in 1994. They are Jennifer Katharine gates born in 1996 and Rory John Gates born in 1999.

Microsoft Corporation is one of the biggest software companies. The founder started at very young age. His name is Bill Gates. His full name is William Henry Gates III. He was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He is one of the richest men. He established Microsoft Corporation with his mate. His name was Paul Allen.

Gates was very fond of reading. He loved reading encyclopedia. When he was 11 , his parents worried about their kid being introverted boy. At the age of 13 Gates’ parents registered him in Seattle’s Lakeside School. He was good at math and science but he was great in English Drama. He began to be interested in computer programming at the age 13 when he was in Lakeside School.

Gates went to Harvard University in 1973. He built up BASIC programming for personal computer. He began to focus in Microsoft with his mate Paul Allen. Gates and Paul wrote program of personal computer software. Paul Allen was Gates childhood friend. He worked for Honeywell. Gates joined Paul Allen at Honeywell. Gates and Paul was interested in an article about the Altair 8800 mini computer kit MITS ( Micro Instrumentation Telemetry System). The article was written on electronic magazine. Both boys contacted the company of the Altair and offered the owner software. The president, Ed Robert was stumbled and asked Gates and Paul to start their project.

Now, Microsoft Corporation becomes a Million dollars worth company that develops software for personal computer. It went public. Gates has donated $200,000,000 for funding Libraries in North America. He also gives more than $800,000,000 for charities. In 1994, he founded William Henry Gates Foundation. The foundation aims to develop education, world public health service and civic and art organization.

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