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Senin, 18 Juni 2012

free english drama script for children

Title : Fun Train Ride
Scene 1
Narrator       : A small group of kids waits patiently for the train to arrive at
                    the depot so they can board.
Sam                : Here comes the train!
Cindy             : I can see the smoke!
Bob                 : It’s an old-fashioned steam engine?
Susan             : Yeah, it is.
Liliane           : We’re really going to ride on a train pulled by a steam
Ted                 : Yes, we are.
Train              : Chugga-chugga! Chugga-chugga! Choo-choo! Screech!
Bob                 : I can’t believe this.
Bill                  : Me neither. I've never been on a train before!
Ann                 : (looking up) Wow! The train is much bigger than I thought it
                      would be!
Sam                : My father works for the railroad, so I've been on trains lots of
Father           : Okay everyone. Train's here. Let's hop on!
Sam                : Thanks for letting my friends come along, Dad.
Father           : Here are the tickets, This is a fun day for us all!
Conductor    : All aboard!
All Kids         : Thanks for the tickets!
Narrator       : The group boards the train and takes their seats.
Sam                : You’re gonna love this!
Ted                 : I love trains and have always wanted to ride on one.
Bob                 : I have a toy train set at home, but I've never been on a real
                     Train either.
Cindy : I can’t believe this is really happening.
Liliane           : We’re starting to move.

Train              : Whish! Toot! Toot!

Scene 2

Narrator       : The train starts moving forward, slowly picking up speed.
                      The conductor moves from person to person punching their
Bill                  : I like train
Sam                : The sound is very noisy
Bob                 : Look, the conductor is coming
Susan : he is going to punch our tickets.
Conductor    : Tickets please!
Father           : please give your tickets to the conductor!
Conductor    : Everyone please hold on, the train is going to speed up!
Ann                 : Sure.
Liliane           : The train is turning right!
All Kids         : Wow, it’s cool
Bill                  : The train is turning left!
Sam                : that’s terrific
Conductor  : All right kids, We are about to arrive at the depot.
Liliane           : Look there is an ice-cream shop!
Ted                 : I like ice-cream.
Cindy : Can I change my ticket with an ice-cream?
Ann                 : Oh, no you have to buy it.
Sam                : can we have ice-creams, Dad?
Father           : Sure, go down and get your ice-creams!
All kids          : Yeah, ice-cream!
Narrator : All children get off the train and go to ice cream shop
Bob        : Your dad is very kind
Sam        : Yes, he is
Ice cream seller : Ice cream
Cindy    : I want some ice cream
Liliane   : Is there chocolate ice cream?
Ann       : I like vanilla with strawberry
Susan   : Come on! Hurry up, the train is coming back
Bill         : Yeah, we have to get on the train soon!
Father   : have you all get your ice cream?
All kids : Yes
Ted        : Look ! The train is coming back!
Father   : Hurry up we are going to catch the train back home
All kids : yeah
Conductor : All board! We are going to ride home.
Sam      : I am very excited today.
Cindy   : I like the noise of the train
Bill       : Train is cool
All kids: Yeah, we love fun-train ride. 


You have permission to use these drama scripts for classroom practice and drama performance and copy them but please attach my link student publisher

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